An 124-100 – the air cargo heavyweight champion

An-124-100 ‘Ruslan’ – world’s largest freighters for outsize and heavyweight cargo

The Antonov-124-100 is the world’s largest civil cargo aircraft, and an acknowledged leader of the air cargo market for the transportation of oversized and super-heavy shipments. The combination of exceptional characteristics such as its cargo compartment size, flight range and uplift capability without using special loading equipment allows the An-124 to carry super-heavy and oversized cargo up to 120 tonnes across the greatest range.

The aircraft’s pressurized cargo cabin, with its total volume of 1050 m³, guarantees unprecedented opportunities for the transportation of different types of cargo, including non-standard and oversized pieces or shipments demanding special transportation conditions.

Multi-leg landing gears equipped with 24 wheels allow to operate the aircraft on unpaved runways as well as to change the angle of the fuselage to simplify loading operations.

The Antonov-124-100 has two loading entrances, at the nose and tail of the aircraft, both equipped with expanding loading ramps. For loading of non-standard cargo the cabin is equipped with two electric winches of 3 tonnes traction each and 4 electric hoists of common carrying capacity up to 30 tonnes.

Today, Volga-Dnepr operates a fleet of 12 Antonov-124-100 aircraft.