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IL-76 - the most popular aircraft in the history of air cargo transportation

IL-76TD - the heavy cargo-carrying ramp aircraft

The heavy cargo-carrying ramp aircraft, the llyushin-76TD is one the most successful and popular aircraft in the history of air cargo transportation. Its characteristics include its cargo cabin size, carrying capacity, opportunity of autonomous loading without use of special airport equipment and the possibility of using the aircraft at airports with undeveloped infrastructure have remained its key competitive advantages for many years.

Volga-Dnepr participated in the cross-section modernization of the IL-76TD, one of the most successful cargo aircraft thanks to its cabin size, carrying capacity and autonomous loading capabilities.

The resulting product is the IL-76TD-90VD, equipped with new PC-90A-76 engines and modern avionics, approved for worldwide operations.

The aircraft has a tail loading entrance with expanding loading ramps. For loading of substandard cargo, the cabin is equipped with two electric winches of 3 tonnes traction each and 4 electric hoists with a pulling capacity up to 10 tonnes.