Volga-Dnepr Group

Alexey Isaikin Alexey Isaikin President, Volga-Dnepr Group
  • Alexey Isaikin was born on 9 September 1952.
  • Having graduated from the Irkutsk Institute of National Economy in 1976, Mr. Isaikin joined the Ulan-Ude Aviation Factory as an Air Force economist. His responsibilities included control over the cost of aviation equipment. During the late 1980s, Mr. Isaikin worked at the Ulyanovsk Aircraft Manufacturing Complex (now Aviastar-SP) as an executive officer responsible for the USSR Military Air Transportation Department contracts for AN-124 aircraft delivery. In 1989, after having finished his military career, Mr. Isaikin headed a group of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts whose aim was to establish a new private air cargo company.
  • 1990 saw the creation of Volga-Dnepr Airlines — the first private cargo airline in Russia and the first joint stock company in the Ulyanovsk region. Between 1990 and 2002, Mr. Isaikin acted as the Chairman of the Board, Executive Director, and General Director of Volga-Dnepr Airlines. Since 2002, he has been President of Volga-Dnepr Group.
  • During more than 20 years of productive work Mr. Isaikin has managed to create a diversified business, operating in the key segments of the Russian and international air cargo markets. He is actively involved in public work to strengthen the prestige of the Russian civil aviation industry both inside the country and globally. His work has been honored by international, national government and industry awards and medals.
Sergey Shklyanik Sergey Shklyanik Senior Vice-President
  • Sergey Shklyanik was born on 4 May 1956.
  • In 1979, Mr. Shklyanik graduated from the Kharkov Aviation Institute with the qualification of Mechanical Engineer of Aircraft Construction. Mr. Shklyanik started his professional career at the Ulyanovsk Aircraft Manufacturing Complex (now Aviastar-SP) commencing as shop floor foreman and quickly rising through the ranks to become Deputy Director for Finance and Costing of Aircraft Components Production Plant. He was directly involved in the design and manufacturing of the first series of Antonov AN-124 aircraft.
  • In 1991, Mr. Shklyanik joined Volga-Dnepr Airlines as Financial Director and held this position until 1997. In the same year he was promoted to the position of Deputy Director for Strategic Management and, in 2003, he became Vice President for Strategic Management of Volga-Dnepr Group. In November 2005, he was appointed Senior Vice-President of Volga-Dnepr Group.
  • Under Mr. Shklyanik’s management, the Group successfully financed the project for AN-124-100s production, incorporated the NIK insurance company, financed the modernization of AN‑124‑100 and IL-76TD aircraft and acquired modern Boeing 747s.
Artem Arutyunov Artem Arutyunov Technical Director of Volga-Dnepr Group of companies-Director of Engineering Center
  • Artem Arutyunov born on 27 August 1982 in Ashgabat.
  • In 2005 graduated with merits from the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) on the aircraft design specialty.
  • His professional career started in 2002 in Mikoyan development-design office Engineering Center of "MIG Russian Aircraft Corporation", JC, where he rose through the ranks from technician of General Layout department to the Deputy Chief Technologist.
  • During his work in "MIG Russian Aircraft Corporation", JC, was involved in design and manufacture of the following aircraft types: Mig-АТ, Mig-29 СМТ, Mig-29 UPG, Mig-29K/KUB, Mig-35.
  • From 2010 to 2012 was holding key positions in Russian Helicopters, JSC.
  • From 2012 up to April 2016 was Deputy Technical Director VOLGA-DNEPR Group of companies-Director of Design Bureau.
  • From 2016 – Technical Director-Director of Design Center.
  • He is the author of a number of scientific and technical publications and articles.
Victor Tolmachev Victor Tolmachev Advisor to President/Group of companies, Mentor-Tutor for Engineering policy
  • Victor Tolmachev was born on 11 August 1934.
  • In 1959, Mr. Tolmachev graduated from the Kharkov Aviation Institute and started his professional career at the Antonov Design Bureau as a design engineer. He participated in the development of numerous models of the AN aircraft series.
  • In 1971, Mr. Tolmachev was appointed leading design engineer of the AN-124. He participated in the entire AN-124 project — from the development and manufacturing of the aircraft through to its operational launch. In 1983, Mr. Tolmachev became Deputy Chief Engineer; in 1985 he was appointed Chief Engineer of AN-124 Ruslan and its derivative, the six-engine AN-225 Mria.
  • Between 1991 and 2002, Mr. Tolmachev worked as Technical Director of Volga-Dnepr Group and, in 1997, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors. Since 2002, he has been working as the Technical Director of Volga-Dnepr Group.
  • Between 1991 and 2002, Mr. Tolmachev worked as Technical Director of Volga-Dnepr Airlines and, in 1997, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors. Since 2002 to 2016 he worked as the Technical Director of Volga-Dnepr Group. In June 2016 appointed Advisor to President/Group of companies, Mentor-Tutor for Engineering policy.
  • Mr. Tolmachev has been awarded the State Prize of Ukraine for his AN-124 Ruslan design. He is also the author of over 100 scientific and technical publications and the inventor of numerous aviation devices. In 1997, Mr. Tolmachev was elected as a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and in 1998 he became a member of the International Inventors Association.
Tatyana Arslanova Tatyana Arslanova Vice-President, Strategic Management and Charter Cargo Operations
  • Born on 24 February 1973.
  • In 1995 Tatyana graduated from the Ulyanovsk State University, Department of Economics with major in Strategic Management and Marketing. Upon graduation she joined Volga-Dnepr Airlines team as a trainee and later as a permanent employee. Her career and professional skills have been developing along with the development of Group business.
  • Tatyana went on with her career starting from Assistant Sales Executive to Top Management level, Director of Department of Management Technologies in 2001. From 2003 to 2007 she held the position of Director of Marketing and Strategic Management of Volga-Dnepr Group. From 2007 to April 2014 she was ranked as high as Vice President, Strategic Management and Marketing, Volga-Dnepr Group. At the same time since October 2008 she worked in AirBridgeCargo Airlines top management team: Senior Vice President on Strategy, Marketing and Sales; Executive President; Vice President for Strategic Partnership.
  • Tatyana Arslanova has been appointed Vice-President, Strategic Management, Volga-Dnepr Group from 15 April 2014.
Sergey Pedan Sergey Pedan Vice-President, Economy, Finance and Accounting
  • Born on 2 April 1957.
  • In 1978, Mr. Pedan graduated from the Kiev Institute of National Economy with a specialization in Industrial Planning and as the best student was assigned to Ulyanovsk Aircraft Manufacturing Complex (now Aviastar-SP) where he held various positions from economist to the Head of Production Shop Planning Department. In 1992 Mr. Pedan was appointed Chief Accountant of a commercial entity.
  • In 1993 he joined Volga-Dnepr Airlines where he worked as Deputy Chief Accountant and later as Deputy Chief Accountant — Finance Director. In 1997 he was appointed as the Head of Internal Audit Department. In 1998 after training at the Moscow State University Mr. Pedan was qualified as Auditor and Career Accountant. A year later he obtained the Management training International certificate in staff relations. During the years 1999-2000 he participated at management training workshops held by BIG Consulting Company.
  • Since 2007 Mr. Pedan worked as Finance Director-Chief Accountant, Volga-Dnepr Airlines. In 2012 he was appointed Vice-President, Economics and Finance Management of Volga-Dnepr Group.
Valery Gabriel Valery Gabriel Vice-President, Charter Cargo Operations Development
  • Born on 1 March 1956.
  • In 1979, Mr. Gabriel graduated from the Kharkov Aviation Institute with a major in “aircraft manufacturing”. Between 1979 and 1992 he worked at the Ulyanovsk Aircraft Manufacturing Complex, where he held various posts — from an engineer to the assembly shop manager. From 1992 until 1994, Mr. Gabriel worked as Commercial Director of Middle Volga Industrial Company JSC (Ulyanovsk).
  • In 1994, he joined Volga-Dnepr Airlines as Head of the Target Management Department and two years later he became the airline’s Deputy Commercial Director. In 1998, Mr. Gabriel was appointed Commercial Director of Volga-Dnepr Airlines.
  • Mr. Gabriel’s crucial contribution allows Volga- Dnepr to operate successfully abroad, ensuring its leadership in the international market for unique and oversize cargo transportation. Under his leadership the company implemented the Ruslan International and Ruslan SALIS projects, and focused on further promotion of global cargo transportation using the unique AN-124-100 Ruslan aircraft. Since 2006, Valery Gabriel has been the head of both companies.
  • Since 2009, Valery Gabriel has been working as the Executive President of Volga-Dnepr Airlines. Valery Gabriel is appointed Vice President, Charter Operations, Volga-Dnepr Group from February 2012.
  • On June 2013 was appointed to the position Vice President, Modernization and New Aircrafts
Alexander Eremin Alexander Eremin Vice-President, Assets Management
  • Born on May 4, 1970.
  • In 2000 Alexander graduated from Ulyanovsk State University, Law Department with major in Jurisprudence.
  • In 1995 he joined Volga-Dnepr and in 1998 started his career of legal adviser. Since 2006 Alexander has been in charge for management and control of legal affairs in Volga-Dnepr Group working as Director of Legal Department. He controlled the implementation of a number of VD Group’s Strategic Goals and Objectives.
  • In 2011 and 2012 the Legal Department directed by A. Eremin became the winner of international competition “Best International Departments” in “Motor, air and railway transport” category.
  • Since 2013 Alexander has been appointed Vice-President, Assets Management, Volga-Dnepr Group. He is responsible for legal affairs, corporate development and assets management of the Group.

Volga-Dnepr Airlines

Mikhail Smirnykh Mikhail Smirnykh General Director
  • Born in Ulyanovsk on 12 February 1976.
  • In 1997 he graduated from IT Department of Ulyanovsk State Technical University with professional diploma of process engineer.
  • Joined Volga-Dnepr Airlines in 1999. He started his career as OPS Executive, then promoted as Deputy Head of OPS Control Department.
  • Later he reached the level of Deputy Head of FOCC — Head of OPS Control Department; thereafter he was appointed Head of Flight Operations Control Center and in June 2014 promoted as Director of Operations.
  • On 25 August 2015 Mikhail Smirnykh was appointed General Director of Volga-Dnepr Airlines.

Atran Airlines

Alexander Bashkov Alexander Bashkov General Director
  • Born on 5 August 1959.
  • In 1974 Mr. Bashkov graduated from the Kazan technical College with a specialization in Aircraft Manufacturing, and in 1985 he completed education at the Kazan Finance and Economics Institute in Industry Planning. In 2005 he obtained PhD in Economics.
  • Mr. Bashkov started his professional career in 1977 at Kazan Aircraft Production Plant as a shopfloor worker and in 8 years he became Senior Engineer. In 1985 he moved to Ulyanovsk Aircraft Manufacturing Complex (now Aviastar-SP) as office chief at Labor and Wages Department.
  • In 1990 Mr. Bashkov joined Volga-Dnepr Airlines as Head of Finance and Economics Office. During the years 1991 — 1998 he worked as Deputy Finance Director, International Accounting Department Director and Strategic Development Director.
  • Mr. Bashkov has rich management experience in the financial and economics sphere. He worked as a manager of corresponding departments at Domodedovo Passenger Terminal, East Line Airlines, Ruselectronics JSC, CenterAtom JSC and INTER RAO LED-Systems JSC.
  • On 1 August 2013 he was appointed as Vice-President, Scheduled Operations, Volga-Dnepr Group.
  • On 25 August 2014 was appointed to the position of Executive President Volga-Dnepr Airlines.

Volga-Dnepr Technics

Evgeniy Kochetov Evgeniy Kochetov General Director
  • Born 2 October 1960.
  • Graduated from Kiev Civil Aviation Engineering Institute as Mechanical Engineer in 1983.
  • Started his career at Aircraft Maintenance Base of Tashkent Joint Civil Aviation Unit as aircraft maintenance technician in 1983 and grew to shift supervisor.
  • Appointed Lead Inspector of Quality Control Department in a flag carrier Uzbekistan Airways in 1995. Mr. Kochetov was in charge of the company’s JAR-145 certification process and performed technical oversight of B767, B757, A310 and Avro RJ85 deliveries.
  • Worked as Lead Engineer at Quality Assurance Department in Tashkent Airport since 1997 with general responsibility over JAR-145 certificate extension.
  • 1999-2001: Lead Engineer, Aeroflot Airlines.
  • 2001-2004: Engineer, Bureau Veritas Russia.
  • 2004-2005: Deputy Quality Director, KD Avia.
  • 2005-2006: Deputy Quality Director, S7 Airlines (formerly Siberia Airlines).
  • 2006-2012: General Director, S7 Engineering. Initiated and led the process of establishing an MRO organization for western-built aircraft in Moscow.
  • 2012: Deputy Executive President in Volga-Dnepr Technics Moscow, a maintenance division of Volga-Dnepr Group. Greatly contributed to the Company’s growth and development of customer base. Initiated and led a number of regional and international projects.
  • General Director since February 2014.
Victor Sherin Victor Sherin Managing Director, Volga-Dnepr Gulf
  • Born 4 October 1960.
  • Graduated from Kuibyshev Aviation Institute as Engineer, Airframe & Engines in 1983.
  • Started his professional career with Ulyanovsk Aircraft Factory (Aviastar) growing to a Flight Testing Lab Engineer.
  • Joined Volga-Dnepr Group in 1992. Mr. Sherin has been managing Volga-Dnepr Gulf maintenance base in Sharjah, UAE since 1998. Led a Volga-Dnepr Technics MRO services centralization project since 2007. Appointed General Director of Volga-Dnepr Technics Ulyanovsk in 2008 and then General Director of Volga-Dnepr Technics Moscow in 2009.
  • Managing Director of Volga-Dnepr Gulf since 2012.
Ildar Ilyasov Ildar Ilyasov Managing Director, Volga-Dnepr Technics GmbH
  • Born 1 January 1961.
  • Graduated from Kazan Aviation Institute majoring in Avionics & Instrumentation Engineering in 1983.
  • Served in military during 1983-1985.
  • Worked as AN-124 Testing Engineer in Flight Test Center of Ulyanovsk Aircraft Factory from 1985 to 1991.
  • Joined Volga-Dnepr as AN-124-100 Senior Aircraft Engineer in 1991. Led Volga-Dnepr maintenance activities in Ireland from 2002 to 2006. Appointed Deputy Managing Director, Operations of RUSLAN SALIS GmbH in 2006.
  • Managing Director of Volga-Dnepr Technics GmbH since 2010.

Volga-Dnepr Leasing

Andrey Pakhomov Andrey Pakhomov General Director
  • General Director
  • Born 8 October 1976.
  • Graduated from Ulyanovsk State University majoring in Finance and Credit in 1998.
  • Joined Volga-Dnepr as finance executive in 1998. Then held positions of Deputy Finance Manager, Routine Finance Activities and later Finance Manager. Moved to Volga-Dnepr Management Company as Deputy Group Finance Director in 2003 and held the office until 2005.
  • Managed the IL-76 Modernization Project as Finance Director since 2004. The project then evolved to a spin-off Volga-Dnepr Leasing company concentrating on IL-76 aircraft development.
  • General Director since 2005.
  • Also held the office of Group Fleet Development Director since 2009.

NIC Insurance Company

Alexander Rodionov Alexander Rodionov General Director
  • General Director
  • Born 12 March 1975.
  • Graduated from Ulyanovsk State University and Link International Management Institute majoring in Business Administration and Economics. Received training in aviation insurance with an Aviation Insurance Certificate (UK) and Insurance Industry Programmes Certificate (US).
  • Joined NIC Insurance Company in 1999 and made his way from an insurance executive to Deputy General Director, Aviation Insurance.
  • General Director since 2011.

Aviation Training Center

Olga Sadykova Olga Sadykova Managing Director of Aviation Training Center
Deputy director of Corporate University for mandatory education
  • Born 21 February 1980.
  • Graduated from Foreign Languages Department of Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University in 2002.
  • Joined Volga-Dnepr Group Corporate University as teacher in 2002. Appointed Education Manager in 2010, Deputy Managing Director for Study and Methodology in 2012, and then Aviation Training Center Manager in 2013.
  • Completed aviation English teacher courses in Saint Petersburg Civil Aviation University. Received training in Oxford Aviation Academy and various UK language centers. Certified as ICAO English proficiency rater and examiner.
  • Managing Director of Aviation Training Center since March 2014. Deputy director of Corporate University for mandatory education.

International School Istochnik

Irina Yakovleva Irina Yakovleva Project Manager
  • Born on April 29, 1974.
  • She received the degree in Economics.
  • Irina joined Volga-Dnepr Group in 1991. In 2005 she made it to the position of the Project Manager of Istochnik Private School. Volga-Dnepr Airlines became the founder of the school, which was a part of Volga-Dnepr Group strategy, its corporate culture and social orientation.
  • The following projects supervised by Irina were successfully implemented: foundation of the private elementary school in Ulyanovsk later supplemented by a demi-pension secondary school, including construction of the new modern school building, which was opened for students in 2011.
  • Also she initiated the certification process according to the International Baccalaureate program (IB) in 2013.
  • Since 2012 Irina is the Project Manager of Children’s Holiday Camp with aviation specialization also located at School premises.