Road Feeder Services

In April 1997 ‘Volga-Dnepr Airlines’ established department for door-to-door cargo transportation. Over the course of its successful development the department was transformed into separate business branch for provision of road feeder services (RFS) under ‘Volga-Trucks’ brand. For more that 20 years the Company has gained vast experience in RFS, developing at a fast clip, expanding its network, and modernizing its fleet — the steps which facilitated improvement of ‘Volga-Trucks’ service quality.

At the moment ‘Volga-Trucks’ is one of the biggest road feeder service providers in Volga federal district of Russia, with highly skilled and experienced technical and administrative personnel. The Company encourages and pays particular attention toward personnel development and service enhancement.

‘Volga-Trucks’ cooperates with the biggest manufacturers in Russia, that value its high service quality, experienced personnel, and extensive network.