Personnel Development

Career Planning

The Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies views its personnel development a fundamental factor behind its own success, and is therefore interested in their professional growth and career development.

The Company implements a management continuity program, whereby an administrative reserve for key positions is formed, career plans and development programs are developed, and horizontal and vertical rotations are carried out.

An Aviation Training Center for the Group of Companies Flight and Maintenance Personnel was established in 2004.

The employees can pursue their professional and individual development in various fields of knowledge at the Corporate University.

External Education

In addition to internal education, the personnel are offered an opportunity to get external training within their development program upon submission of a substantiated application signed by their immediate supervisor.

Personnel and Social Policy

Today, the Company employs over 1,600 people of twenty ethnic backgrounds in different parts of the world. High qualifications, experience and professional skills of these people lay the foundation for the Volga-Dnepr success on the global market. The capability of the Group personnel for leadership, readiness for changes, clear understanding of the customers needs and requirements, on-going education and development, commitment to team spirit and corporate values makes Volga-Dnepr different from its competitors, and allow it to succeed in the most complicated market situations.

Social responsibility has always been the distinctive feature of the Volga-Dnepr activities. The Group of Companies has become one of the first Russian participants in the UN Global Compact agreement, and implements the main principles of this agreement, thus creating a business with human face.

The Groups social policy is founded on the corporate citizenship principle, and provides social guarantees to its employees and shows a responsible civil position to the society.