VD Gulf extends airworthiness of legendary B747-400 aircraft

VD Gulf extends airworthiness of legendary B747-400 aircraft 04/03/2017

Base load customers of VD Gulf are B747-400 operators who regularly bring in aircrafts for base maintenance to VD Gulf hangar at Sharjah Airport. Thus, A Boeing 747-400 aircraft arrived to VD Gulf for another planned heavy C-check , a severe corrosion was observed on two of the aft belly skins, requiring repair/ replacement of the skin/ stringer combination. , including a complete replacement of the skin.

VD Gulf team developed a unique procedure for this repair and received exclusive approval from Boeing for all proposed repair schemes. The uniqueness of the repair was not only in schemes of works, but also necessitated manufacture of special trusses, jigs, fixtures and extended arm English-Wheel.

VD Gulf team worked in unison on this complicated and exclusive repair of the legendary B747-400. At the moment all the work has been successfully completed, the aircraft is in airworthiness and fulfills tasks of our customer.

Mikhail Khoroshaev, VD Gulf Director General, said: «Our ability to perform such extensive and complex structural work to a high quality level allows our customers to be confident that there are no impossible tasks for VD Gulf. We highly appreciated the entire VD Gulf team. I am sure that such experience once again proves our professionalism and ability to solve any problems for our customers. "

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