VD Gulf is reaching African region by performing Azman Air maintenance

VD Gulf is reaching African region by performing Azman Air maintenance 11/24/2016

One of the fast growing Nigerian airlines, Azman Air, has selected VD Gulf to perform maintenance work on one of its Boeing 737CL fleet. Founded in 2010, Azman Air is a wholly owned Nigerian airline operating scheduled passenger services from its main base in Kano Nigeria. Azman Air now flies to five destinations in Nigeria and plans to commence its international operations are underway.

The scope of maintenance work that will be performed by VD Gulf includes heavy “C” check, major modifications and accomplishment of AD/SB. Several components will also be repaired during the lay over period including additional work on the engines.

Managing Director of VD Gulf Victor Sherin said: “As aviation is key for Africa’s development , we at VD Gulf see an opportunity to serve African airlines with efficient and value-for-money solutions. We are working closely with Azman Air as we see this airline, run by professions, will be a success story for the Nigerian aviation sector.. We recognize Azman as our key partner in the West Africa region””.

Established in 1996, VDGulf has been a reliable maintenance service provider. High quality services delivered by professional personnel are the key factors in the company's long-standing success in the MRO market. The 22,000 sq. mt. hangar facility commissioned in the first quarter of 2013 allow for concurrent accommodation of six narrow-body aircraft and two Boeing 747-size wide-body aircraft. The hangar features all necessary equipment and docking, as well as a high-performance ventilation and air conditioning system. The facility is equipped with all the necessary tools to perform heavy base maintenance together with required back shops. Holding approvals from EASA and other authorities for line and base maintenance services, VD Gulf services Boeing 747-400, 737 CL, 737NG, and Airbus A320 Family aircraft.

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