Volga-Dnepr has organized flight dispatch services for Silk Way Rally for the sixth time


Volga-Dnepr Airlines has provided its flight support services to the international Silk Way Rally 2016 which took place on the Moscow, Russia – Astana, Kazakhstan – Beijing, China route on 8 to 24 July this year.

Volga-Dnepr Airlines has traditionally arranged all necessary flight dispatch and support coverage, including flight planning, aeronautical information, clearances, etc., for operations of the rally’s joint aviation unit comprising 8 airplanes and 7 helicopters along the entire route.

The 6th transcontinental Silk Way Rally set off on the 8th of July from Red Square in Moscow and headed east. The competition took place in three countries: Russia, Kazakhstan and China, and linked the three capitals: Moscow, Astana and Beijing. Over two weeks, crews covered a distance of 10,000 kilometers, with nearly half designed as special speed legs. For the first time, the route for 92 off-roaders and 24 trucks ran through two parts of the world – Europe and Asia – from Moscow to Beijing.

As a duly approved organization for provision of comprehensive third-party flight dispatch services, Volga-Dnepr Airlines has a vast experience in supporting such large-scale projects. Volga-Dnepr has continuously provided its dispatch expertise to Silk Way rally marathons since the very first start in in 2009.

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