35 tons of live weight


Ulyanovsk, 30 October - A very special charter was performed by Volga Dnepr Airlines for a European broker. A Volga Dnepr Il-76 freighter took five hundred passengers aboard at the French airport of Chateauroux. Those were pigs of elite pedigrees from little piglets to huge sows moving from France to Greece.

The animals were immigrating to Saloniki in special containers. Their condition was constantly monitored by the customer's representatives and the aircraft crew. The temperature was kept optimum for the settlers in the air-tight cabin during the 3-hour flight. The pigs were in good health when the aircraft landed and didn't seem to suffer from jet lag at all.

Volga Dnepr has been renowned all over the world for its unique airlifts of outsize and heavy cargo, both human made and live. Among the latter was the shipment of a huge Christmas tree for the New York Rockefeller Center from Cleveland (Canada), the shipment of a whole zoo from Prague to Indonesia and the transportation of a giant whale from Nice (France) to Japan.

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