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Head-on encounter. Russia and Ukraine aircraft manufacturers intend to join efforts
Despite recent certain disagreements between Russia and Ukraine, aircraft manufacturers of the two countries, having close ties since as early as Soviet time, firmly intend to undertake several more major joint projects
(Rossiyskaya Gazeta)


Volga-Dnepr dreams of IPO
It will be possible when the Group reaches an understanding with its minority shareholders
(RBC, daily)


Volga-Dnepr left Aeroflot behind
Within 9 months of 2006 Volga-Dnepr Group managed to overcome Aeroflot on the overall volume of cargo transported, increase sales by 50% and plans to make it over $600 million within the financial year.
("Kommersant Daily")


Emelyanovo airport operator determined
The operation of the Krasnoyarsk airport may be outsourced
(RBC daily)


Aviators of the two countries, unite
Leaders of aircraft-building industry suggested establishing Russia/Ukraine Managing Company
(RBC daily)


Russia will open its skies for the rest of the world. And secure good profit
The favorite amusement of Alexey Isaikin, a 54-year-old President of Volga-Dnepr Group, is to view route network which his pilots have flown since 1990


Kaskol has lost its «Fight for Volga-Dnepr»
The conflict between shareholders of Volga-Dnepr company seems to be resolved


Ruslans got tired of standing
Our airplanes carry freights for the NATO Nations but stand idle in Russia


Schenker helps put Sony into the record books
After completing a series of charter flights between China and Nottingham East Midlands, Maastricht, Madrid and Sydney, Schenker has helped put Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) into the record books
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