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Air cargo week, 1 October 2001: UN requires quick reaction force


Out-of-gauge, outsize and very heavy shipments can move only on a restricted number of aircraft, with the 125-tonne- plus capacity AN-124-100 aircraft carrying the bulk of the loads. The special care requirement of these shipments often takes the form of unusual loading and unloading requirements, with some items taking many hours to gently place into the aircraft, with vigilant damage control and load placement procedures and checks constantly being performed.

Certain loads of great volumetric bulk -up to 1,400m3 in volume but only 47 tonnes in weight -can be accommodated in one of the five A300-600ST 'Beluga' aircraft available for charter from Airbus Industrie.

Volga-Dnepr Airlines, the world's largest operator of AN- 124 freighters, has recently gained "approved carrier status" from the United Nations and is actively involved in supporting peace-keeping and humanitarian projects. Volga-Dnepr provides worldwide flight movements using 120-tonne capacity AN-124 aircraft and 45-tonne capacity 11-76 freighters.

In its most recent work for the UN, Volga completed two I1-76 flights carrying helicopters for humanitarian work from Tyumen in Russia to Asmara, in Eritrea, and Freetown, Sierra Leone. Previous UN projects have included flights into East Timor, Sierra Leone and Kinshasa.

Dennis Gliznoutsa, commercial manager of Volga-Dnepr UK, says: "Given the nature of its work, the UN needs airline partners that can react quickly to its requirements... They also need to work with airlines with the fleet capacity to deal with situations as soon as they arise."

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