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Air logistics can help rebuild Afghan future


Specialist all-cargo operator Volga-Dnepr last week joined Uzbekistan cargo carrier Avialeasing in participating at a two-day international conference in Tashkent, entitled' Aviation Logistics in Peacekeeping, Anti-terrorist and Disaster Relief Operations'.

Held under the auspices of IATA, the conference discussed the possible ways of using air logistics to establish and maintain a co-operation during relief and rebuilding programmes between the peacekeeping operation and the anti-terrorism authorities in Afghanistan.

Karl Ruppel, Russia's deputy transport minister, told the conference that aviation plays a special role in these programmes and the coordinated work of all the logistics chain players will be very important.

Alexey Isaikin, general director of outsize and heavy-weight AN-124 operator Volga-Dnepr said the transport infrastructure of Afghanistan was in "a pitiable condition".

The ability of aircraft to unload using cargo ramps was "an incontestable advantage" and would help greatly in the relief and rebuilding operation, he said.

Igor Smirnov, president of the Tashkent-headquartered cargo airline Avialeasing said the historically established Silk Road route may prove to serve as the best way of delivering cargo to Afghanistan.

This would call for the establishment of air hubs in Bishkek, Baku and Tashkent, Smimov suggested.

More than 100 delegates from airlines, airports and logistic companies attended the conference.

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