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Volga showcases AN-124-100M. Oil exploration is driving the outsize heavy-weight markets in some parts of Russia and the CIS - elsewhere the air freight business is brisk and service providers are busily improving their product offering and gearing u


Ulyanovsk, Russia-based Volga-Dnepr was at the recent Paris Air Show demonstrating the outsize and heavy-weight lifting power of its AN-124-100 "Ruslan" freighters and discussing the upgrading and development plans it has in hand for the aircraft.

According to Dennis Gliznoutsa, the London Stansted-based commercial manager of Volga-Dnepr UK, the carrier is awaiting its new AN-124-100M aircraft, which is nearing completion on the Aviastar production line. This latest 150-tonne capacity model will become the 10th aircraft to join the Volga-Dnepr fleet when its leaves the factory in 2004.

With its modern avionics, the aircraft will require а reduced flight-deck crew of four and will be fitted with TCAS 2000 traffic alert and collision avoidance systems. It will also fully comply with the ICAO Chapter IV noise and exhaust requirements due to become effective in 2006. А statement from Aviastar says the AN-124-100M is expected to stay competitive for the next 20 years in the large and super-heavy cargo market.

Gliznoutsa reveals that Volga-Dnepr was also able to discuss its plans in Paris for the upgraded AN-124-300 "Condor" version of the popular freighter, which promises better avionics, а reinforced floor and upgraded engines. This aircraft will have the same 150-tonne uplift as the AN-124-100M, he says, "but it will be able to handle cargo over а greater distance".

Business in the outsize and heavy-weight market is "busy, very busy", Gliznoutsa says. "Тhe majority of the work is Middle East-related. Generally, when we асе involved in а lot of military cargo work, the commercial side goes down. Surprisingly, despite the extensive activities related to the Middle East, the normal level of contractual and project work has been maintained. We are quite busy in aerospace and quite busy in the oil well business too."

Air Cargo Week, 30 June 2003

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