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Schenker helps put Sony into the record books


After completing a series of charter flights between China and Nottingham East Midlands, Maastricht, Madrid and Sydney, Schenker has helped put Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) into the record books. (3/9/2005)

In the first air charter project undertaken by Schenker on behalf of Sony, PS2 slimline playstation units were shipped between China and four key international destinations.

The combined shipments weighed in at an over 7.5 million kilos, and commenced at the beginning of October to enable Sony to meet the European product launch on November 1st 2004. They continued for 14 weeks until late January 2005. The project is believed to be one of the world's biggest ever, single air charter undertakings by a commercial company.

Each flight utilised Volga Dnepr Antonov 124 aircraft, with each carrying some 160 pallets. All the flights to Nottingham East Midlands were met by a fleet of Schenker vehicles, and the shipments were delivered under high security escort to Sony's UK distribution warehouse in Berkshire.

Schenker's UK airfreight director, Kevin Mclean, said: “This was a remarkable undertaking, demanding meticulous attention to detail and the very highest standards of security at all times. Despite its vast scale and some adverse weather, the whole project worked like a well-oiled piece of machinery. The efficiency and helpfulness of

Nottingham East Midlands Airport played a significant part in the success, and our own staff can be very proud of the outstanding service they provided. Their tremendous achievement is now in the record books!”

According to Gordon Marshall, vice president of logistics for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, demand for the new model PlayStation® 2, which launched in November 2004, far exceeded expectations, and created the need for SCEE to use Antonovs to carry stock to reach European markets in time for Christmas.


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