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Emelyanovo airport operator determined


The operation of the Krasnoyarsk airport may be outsourced

The decision on the future operation of the largest regional airport in Krasnoyarsk may be taken in the near future. As it was reported to RBC daily, the management of AiRUnion may transfer the airport operation to Era Group company, established by KrasAir, Volga-Dnepr Group, Swiss Port, and the administration of Krasnoyarsk region on a parity basis. It is supposed, that LLC Era Group will lease in airport operation for 25 years, paying for it hardly more than 400 thousand rbl. monthly as well as turnover interests.

As Andrey Baksheev, AiRUnion Corporate Director (which includes KrasAir at present time) has told RBC daily, the final decision on separation of Emelyanovo airport from KrasAir airline shall be accepted during the special shareholder meeting on January, 26 2007. «The final establishment of LLC Krasnoyarsk Airport entity will occur in March-April, 2007 », - he stated to RBC daily. According to his statement the ownership structure after the airport reorganisation will remain the same. 51 % of the airport shares will be owned by "Rosimuschestcvo", the rest will be kept by private shareholders. It is a reminder that Alexander Misharin, the deputy minister of transport of the Russian Federation and the chairman of board of directors of KrasAir, said that the separation of the airport from the airline structure is concerned with the aviation industry reforming program and the creation of equal conditions at the airport where the establishment of international hub is planned. According to his words the separation of Krasnoyarsk airport would allow the airport to increase its net profit up to 120 million rbl. by 2010.

However, the airport owners - "Rosimuschestvo" and KrasAir - will not operate the airport, and will lease it. Moreover the prospective lessee is in negotiations with aviation authorities. As it was reported to RBC daily from a source, familiar with the situation, the airport will be operated management company of LLC Era Grou, established jointly by KrasAir, Volga-Dnepr Group, Swiss Port, and the administration of Krasnoyarsk region. Originally, this company was established in cooperation with LLC Era Terminal for construction and management of the cargo terminal operations. The share of each participant in the operating company constitutes 25 %. The source stated that this information was included in the letter concerning the airport rent that had been forwarded to Rosaviation. The letter stated that LLC Era Terminal is ready to lease in both cargo and passenger businesses in Emelyanovo airport for 25 years for the rent more than 400 thousand rbl. per month and 2% turnover interest rate with an opportunity of the sublease. "However, "Rosaviaciya" didn't like lease rates and some of the calculations, therefore the preliminary version of the contract was returned for revision", - noted the source.

KrasAir officials say, that LLC Era Group has been established long ago and has been engaged in construction of a cargo hub in Krasnoyarsk. "First of all the company was established for involvement of "Volga-Dnepr", - reports a source in KrasAir. According to his statement, the issue of participation of Era Group in passenger business is not the key one, therefore it will be addressed later. "It is common international practice of attraction of handling companies in such business", - KrasAir representative notices.

"Passenger business is not the interest area of the airline”, - Sergey Shkljannik, Volga-Dnepr Group vice-president, notes. He refuses the further comments.

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