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Volga-Dnepr Carried the Cargo from Greece to Papua New Guinea


On 05 May 2008 was announced, that the cargo was carried for Volga-Dnepr's new Customer - Townley Group International (Australia), which specializes in logistics and freight forwarding.

The cargo was delivered to destination on board the first upgraded IL-76TD-90VD aircraft in the Airline's fleet. The coils were loaded into the aircraft using the IL-76 special loading equipment and on-board cranes. Typically, such coils are transported in vertical configuration, however, this time it was decided to arrange the coils on the flat side. That allowed avoidance of excessive costs and prolonged carriage time due to requirement to manufacture special cradle tooling for the shipment. The unique complexity of the carriage is another proof to Volga-Dnepr's excellent ability as a specialist company and global leader in air logistics. It took two days to review and finalize the contract for the service. The cargo was delivered successfully to the Customer's satisfaction who highly appreciated the Airline's professional fulfillment and excellent timing.


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