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WWPC claims record IL-76TD lift


WOLFGANG Karau, director of WWPC, the Worldwide Project Consortium, is claiming a new world record for a single-piece load carried by a 40-tonne payload IL-76TD freighter.

Weighing 40 tonnes and measuring 13 x 1.9 x 1.7 metres, a metal roll required for a paper machine in Tokushima, on the Japanese island of Shikoku, was placed on a rear-loading IL-76TD freighter at Germany's Frankfurt-Hahn airport and offloaded two days later at Osaka International airport.

Karau said that WWPC Finland and Procargo, which organised the charter, working with logistics providers and WWPC members LS International Cargo in Germany and Allfort Inc in Japan to arrange the movement.

At Osaka, ocean transport was used to move the special load to its final destination within the projected delivery rime.

WWPC said the modern ramp-loading techniques used by freighter operator Volga-Dnepr, combined with loadmaster back-up from the carrier's operations centre, made it possible to achieve the single-piece record for this type of aircraft.

Karau stated that the previous record for a single-piece load carried on an IL-76TD was a similar shipment carried out last year that moved a 39-tonne single-piece metal roll for a paper machine from Finland to the US.


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