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Volga-Dnepr Held First Company Forum


On 10 November was announced, that the Forum involved active discussions on Hub Model Development among top management of the Volga-Dnepr Group, managers, sales and marketing experts from the AirBridgeCargo affiliates in Germany, the Netherlands, China and Japan.

Welcoming Forum members, Alexey Isaikin, the Group President, remarked that "Volga-Dnepr is on the way to a "self-learning organization" and the Corporate University is one of the tools to perceive the business".

The first day of the Forum gave those present the opportunity to learn new trends in cargo market development, strategies of its key players. The delegates could fully cover the hub model concept and see the ABC ready status to take up this model as well as estimate risks and benefits of taking up the model in a business role play. Marcus Bloemen from Seabury Aviation & Aerospace, the company involved in joint projects with 7 of 10 world leading airlines in the last 15 years, was invited as a spokesman for the first day of the Forum.

The second day was hosted by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants as a part of joint project with ABC to work out a business plan. Active debates about strengths and weaknesses of the ABC product and conclusions made as a result will help optimize further collaboration on increasing sales and business profitability.

The Forum members highly appreciate the goals achieved and express a common opinion that the event will be of much more value provided that all the ideas will find their way into practice.

The Organizing Committee informs that next week the Forum materials will be available on the Intranet, further details to be advised.


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