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Volga-Dnepr: market leader


Specializing in the area of unique, oversize and heavy cargo, Volga-Dnepr provides air cargo services on charter and scheduled basis.

With a fleet of ten Antonov An124, 6 Ilyushin 76 TD and two stage four Ilyushin 76 TD90 Volga-Dnepr has curved a sizeable market share in the transportation of heavy air cargo.

According to Denis Gliznoutsa, Group Commercial Director, Volga-Dnepr UK in the Middle East the demand for heavy cargo basically originates from few sectors. "Oversize cargo flights carrying relief material operate on behalf of various governments to and from Iraq and Afghanistan. Construction and airspace equipment is transported to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Syria and consumer and general goods of sea-air cargoes operate from the UAE to Europe." The annual growth of world heavy and outsize cargo is about 8-12 per cent of total cargo movement, says Gliznoutsa. However in the current situation- there exists an imbalance between inbound and outbound freight which stands at 4:1. Estimate states that in 2007, majority of the Volga-Dnepr flights were operated between the USA and the Middle East and Europe and Middle East. The demand for heavy lift cargo primarily comes from oil and gas, aerospace and automobile industry With clients such as Lockheed, Boeing: Alcatel Bombardier, Embraer- Mitsubishi; Space Systems Loral, Airbus, BP, Exxon, Shell and GE Volga-Dnepr definitely occupies a market leading position in oversize cargo sector. Volga-Dnepr Airlines'AN-124-100 has recently transported the fuselage section of a Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft from Komsomolsk-na-Amure in Khabarovsk to Novosibirsk. The Sukhoi Superjet 100 was transported to the Siberian Research Institute for tests in order to confirm the service life of the airframe - 70.000 flight hours - and to perform a technical inspection program to demonstrate the conformance of the aircraft's structural components in all flight conditions. The fuselage was loaded using the AN-124-100's special onboard loading equipment. The aircraft was partially disassembled to fit the freighter's cargo hold Volga-Dnepr is proud of its another consignment where it carried 121 Porsche Cayenne from Germany to Mexico in 2007.

Gliznoutsa acknowledges that the market for heavy cargo is crowded but it is the expertise and quality of service that helps a company maintain an edge over competitors. "In the recent years we have experienced sharp rise in demand for specialized services and I believe, there is enough room for everyone in this sector." But, be is still concerned about the recent financial downturn and feels everybody will be affected to some extent. "The demand for charter will remain stable for a while, but we do expect some decrease in commercial and project operations."


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