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Volga-Dnepr is undertaking a fleet update programme, with another Il-76 scheduled to arrive by the end of September


The continuing strength of the Middle East region has proved the bedrock of heavylift specialist Volga Dnepr's activities, with the area contributing around 60-65% of the company's entire operations.

The firm has finished construction on its maintenance facilities and is in the process of finalising its technical hangar at Sharjah International Airport, according to a senior executive who was speaking to arabiansupplychain.com at the Transport Logistic show in the Germany city of Munich.

In addition, Volga-Dnepr is also undertaking a fleet update programme, with another Il-76 hopefully scheduled to arrive by the end of September, and delayed 747-8Fs on order.

With regard to the recent ban of the An-124 type from UAE airspace, which was recently overturned, Volga-Dnepr has expressed some concern.

"In my opinion, the decision was slightly premature, but they obviously needed a quick decision and they took it," said Dennis Glisnoutza, group commercial director, Volga-Dnepr. "There are good and bad operators in terms of maintenance, maintenance recording, and availability of spare parts. By all means ban the unreliable operators, but it should not affect all carriers who use the type," Glisnoutza added.


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