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Russian heavy lift airline Volga-Dnepr Group announces first half tonnage results


Russian charter and scheduled cargo airline operator Volga-Dnepr Group today reported a 5 percent drop in tonnage to 835,000 ton/kilometers during the first six months of 2009. However, the group said, competing Russian carriers faced an average decline of between 19 percent and 23 percent in domestic and international operations over the same period.

Turnover at AirBridgeCargo Airlines, the group’s scheduled cargo airline, increased during the period by 5 percent, to 551,000 ton/kilometers. The airline added European destinations in the Netherlands, Italy and Spain to its network during this time.

Charter freight turnover fell to 284,000 ton/kilometers between January and June. However, total cargo tonnage delivered by Volga-Dnepr Airlines’ AN-124-100 heavy lift freighter fleet increased by 1.2 percent to 37,800 tons. 

Group president Alexey Isaikin said the carrier has been able to remain relatively stable despite the challenging global market by sticking to strategic goals and developing a ‘cargo supermarket’ business model that offers customers a package of logistic services for both charter and scheduled air services. This approach has enabled the group to use its aircraft fleet capabilities efficiently, he said.


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