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Volga-Dnepr Airlines Provides Organization for Silk Way Rally Raid


On 7 September 2009 was announced, that Volga-Dnepr Airlines providess organization and support services for the Silk Way Rally Raid 2009 rallying through Russia , Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan from 5 to 13 September this year.

The airline will ensure full coverage of flights conducted by a joint flight detachment in support of the rally. After the competition is over, Volga-Dnepr's planes will return vehicles of rally participants from Ashgabat to Leipzig .

"We are certified for flight dispatch services as well as possess experience of involvement in such large-scale projects. For example, in 1997-1998 we were engaged for work of similar scope and na-ture in the Master rally," noted Valery Gabriel, Executive President of Volga-Dnepr Airlines.

The decision to arrange Silk Way Rally 2009 was made by joint agreement of presidents of Russia , Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan . It will be held under the Dakar Series brand. The motor race will be given the green light in Kazan , the capital city of Republic of Tatarstan , Russia on 5 September with the finish line in Ashgabat on 13 September after passing 4,500 kilometers through Russia , Kazakh-stan and Turkmenistan . 62 cars and 21 trucks from 34 countries applied for participation in the rally.


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